Hope Village - Detroit, Mi

The prominent Hope Village community, located in Detroit, Mi, is one of the communities of high priority for the Urban Scale Foundation. Detroit has faced some economic challenges. Those challenges have turned a once-thriving city that depended on the automotive industry into a depressed city which is now on its way to a comeback. However, through all of the city’s transitions, poverty has always existed.

Sectors of Focus:

  • Target areas in need of rehabilitation.
  • Identify structures (homes, apartments and other structures) that need rehabilitation and revitalize those structures.
  • Identify in needs persons and groups that fall within the low-income statistics as defined by HUD.

Detroit's Economic History

Detroit’s unemployment rate is 8.7%, even with all the new business development currently in the city. Detroit’s statistics support that poverty is tied directly to the lack of education which corresponds to the low-income statistics provided by HUD. The results of the higher than average low-income and unemployment rates have also had a negative trickle-down effect on urban areas within the Detroit-Metro area.